Abandoned industrial complexes and decrepit homes: both display the fleeting, capricious nature of time. They are visions of a past-that-is-no-more, witnesses of a melancholy beauty.

BS’s calling is to capture these visions, the personalities of these places, chiseling a place for them in the present. Brooding, dark, perhaps even brutal: the pictures painted offer new life to forgotten places - a life draped in shadows and light, in decay and decrepitude, on which time has already left its irrevocable mark. Starkly beautiful, they lend strength to that which has withered away.

Reflections, visions, memories: the pictures are more than mere faithful renderings of a place in time. They offer a place through time - a window from the present into the past, a doorway through which perhaps even a glimpse of the future may be discerned - refusing time its terrifying unidirectional power.

Time to look through these windows and feel the story unfold - of things that were, things that are, and things that can be.


More work can be found on instagram: bsbxlphoto